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Thank you for your coming to our café. Your support over the past 6 and a half years has enabled Joan Bowen to keep my colleagues and I employed and learn new culinary skills. We have progressed beyond just cooking fish and chips and my mom has made us shop for the ingredients we use in the kitchen. My friends and I hope that you will continue to have a meal at our café because one of my friends use his salary to support his family.


continue to focus for my future. Without words, my mom plans, protects and prepares me and my friends for success. Mom is always in motion, never standing still, knowing what I need and what the cafe needs.

While my mom and dad make sure that we learn and maintain our culinary skills, they taught us to care for one another and to have work life balance. My Mom and Dad constantly look for social activities; Every Saturday we join the Running Hour, a volunteer organization that takes us jogging in interesting places around Singapore.


we have learnt a few dishes from our dear friend, Chef Cesare Cantarella, and our menu now contains more pasta and meat items cooked by Italian-inspired methods. Come see what we have learnt and we are sure you will enjoy the wholesome meals that everyone has come to enjoy. Also, all our meals are made from fresh ingredients that my mum pick from the marketplace or the vegetables from hydroponic farms in Singapore.




continuously trying new menu items. Be a Facebook friend of the Joan Bowen Café, and be the first to know of menu additions and promotions. In the meantime, come and enjoy your meal at Joan Bowen Cafe today.

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